The quartz watches of ROLEX

ROLEX produce quartz watches too? Yes,but not exactly. ROLEX dose produced rugged, exquisite Oyster Quartz Watch, however they stoped producing after the millennium, and to compare with other Oyster Watch the output of Oyster Quartz Watch is much less, meanwhile they are obscure.Now let's review the history of many Swiss watch brands and ROLEX making quartz watches.
In 1962, SEIKO JAPAN frist invented Marine quartsz clock,at that time that is very advanced, less parts, but exacter than traditional mechanical watch.
As a big country of watch ,Swiss will naver ignore the great technological breakthroughs. To catch up the competitor ,many Swiss brands found Centre Electronique Horloger,CEH in Neuchatel 1962. In 1967, CHE Developed the frist marketable quartz watch movement-Beta 21,whhich is the achievements of hard work by ROLEX、PATEK PHILIPPE、IWC, adn JAEGER LECOULTRE etc... 16 top watch manufacturers. It's 2 years ealier than SEIKO Astron Watches arrived in 1969.
According to literature of auction house, at that time the Beta 21 movement has produced About 6000 pieces in total, ROLEX took 1000 pieces, maked first generation Ref.5100 quartz wrist watch.
In 1969 SEIKO launched it's frist quartz watch Astron, Shell in 18-karat gold, 100 pieces Limit, price at up to 450 thousand Yen, it's enough to buy a toyota car.
All NAVIFORCE watch movements are SEIKO Original production from Japan, time precisely, performance stable.



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