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Men Black Sport Men Wristwatch Quartz Watch
NAVIFORCE Dual Display Men Wristwatch
NAVIFORCE Dual Display Men Quartz Watch
Men Black Sport Clock Alarm 12/24 Hour Display watch
    • Brand: Naviforce
    • Model Number: NF9117S
    • Water Resistant: 3ATM
    • Luminous Part: Pointer to the
    • Plating Technique: Environmental vacuum electroplating
    • Warranty Period: 1 year
    • Weight: 170g
    • Total Length:24cm
    • Case Diameter: 47 mm
    • Case Thichkness: 13mm
    • Case Material: Zinc alloy
    • Case Shape: Round
    • Crystal: Reinforced mineral glass
    • Movement Type: Multi-function quartz movement
    • Caliber: AL33
    • Movement Partner: Japanese seiko
    • Battery: SR626SW
    • BatteryLifetime: 2year
    • Starp Material: Stainless steel
    • Clasp Type:Folding Safety clasp
    • Lug Width: 24mm
    • Strap Wldth at Buckle: 22mm
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NAVIFORCE Dual Display Men Wristwatch Quartz Watch Men Black Sport Clock Alarm 12/24 Hour Display Leather Relogio Masculino Hot



Ingenious selection of bright blue drives the entire wristwatch to be dynamic and meet the preferences of young people.

Chief among its advantages displayed is its special look, involving the zinc alloy case and wear-resistant glass. 

100% brand new and high quality.
Precise Japanese inported quartz movement for accurate time keeping.
3ATM daily waterproof ,perfect for protect little water like wash hand/sweat/rain,but can not put into water or shower or swimming.
Color may not appear as exactly as in real life due to variations between  the computer monitors and nacked eye color difference.
It is a pretty good gift for family/friends/lover/yourself.
Welcome for wholesale and dropship,please contact us at any time to get wholesale and drophsip price. Wholesale price for the wholesale quartz watches buyers.


Package Included
1 x 100% Genuine Original NAVIFORCE Watch


wholesale quartz watches

Quartz watches have been in existence for more than 40 years since its introduction. For nearly half a century, wholesale quartz watches have developed rapidly and their market share has far surpassed that of mechanical watches. As we all know, the biggest advantage of quartz watches is high accuracy (almost 100 times higher than mechanical watches), easy to use and wear, and easy to achieve multi-function. The appearance of the case has more room for change. For example, you can do is thinner or smaller, and the price is relatively cheap.
But for wholesale quartz watches, many people criticize them. The main point is that they are not valuable, easy to break, and therefore short in life.
Any scientific and technological innovation and progress is to solve the problems that existed before. As a mechanical watch, no matter how hard you try to improve it, it is difficult to improve the travel time. In addition, the long-term stability of the mechanical watch is not good, and the increase of the oscillation frequency of the balance wheel has also aggravated the wear of the parts. It also requires regular oil washing and maintenance, and the maintenance cost is relatively large.
The value of a watch first lies in the brand, and then the appearance, material, and movement of the watch are often only a small part of the value of the watch. You must know that using a watch is also very expensive. Manufacturers of wholesale quartz watches movements are much simpler and easier to maintain. Of course, batteries need to be replaced regularly. As long as you choose a reputable watch repair shop and select good quality batteries, the life of quartz watches will definitely exceed the mechanical watches.

However, with the continuous improvement of the consumption level and taste of consumers in the Mainland in recent years, the more and more types of watches, the more and more demanding on watches, making watch products on the market becoming a trend from tradition to fashion, from timing The function has evolved toward decorative needs, and has evolved from use value-based to brand-specific special consumer products. According to the research report, in the Chinese mainland market, there are more than 200 domestic and imported watch brands, of which more than 60 are imported brands. The prices and wholesale prices of products manufactured by China's watch industry are relatively low. Dozens, hundreds of times of domestic products. The mainland watch market has always been a three-way pattern of high, medium and low. High-end products above RMB 6,000 are basically the world of well-known brands in Switzerland. Most of the low-end products below RMB 1,000 are occupied by domestic watch companies. Even if tariffs are lowered after China's entry into the WTO, products above RMB 6,000 will not be able to enter the sphere of influence of RMB 1,000. Therefore, the product range of RMB 1,000 to RMB 6,000 is the main battleground for manufacturers from Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong and the Mainland. From the actual sales situation in the market, watches with a price in the range of 201-600 Yuan are accepted by the most consumers. Although sales and market share have been reduced, they still account for nearly 30% of the total sales. Watches priced at 1,001-5 thousand Yuan also have good market performance, and the sales volume and market share of watches at this price are rising, indicating that more and more consumers tend to buy high-end prices. Watch. Over the past decade or so, the Chinese people’s consumption attitude has changed dramatically. With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for watches is no longer limited to the need for timekeeping, but a fashion product that integrates the function of timekeeping and identity, which has led to the popularity of the domestic watch market.

Bright Blue Dual Display Men Wristwatch
Zinc Alloy Dual Display Men Wristwatch
NAVIFORCE Japanese seiko men watch
wholesale NAVIFORCE 9117s men wirstwatch
NAVIFORCE 9117s  Dual Display watch
wholesale NAVIFORCE 9117s men watch

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