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A good quartz watches for mens can serve the owner for a long time. And watches have historically symbolized luxury and nobility. The durability of immaculate gadget partially depends on the material to make it.

Initially, this tiny device has acted as a simple spring-driven watch probably made of bronze by Peter Henlein over the past few hundred years

Watches have always been sought after by kings and rulers in history, which were often decorated with diamond, gold and rubies to make them to be more royal. Even a Swedish company made a totally gold watch for the Duchess of Sweden.

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Gradually, in order to make the watch more convenient to be carried, the selection of materials from which watches were made tends to be cheaper and lighter.

As a result of its toughness and low price, stainless steel has been popular in the past few decades. Watchmakers also use it as an auxiliary material for watches. Custom made alloys are also available in the market to meet the watchmaking needs of manufacturers nowadays.

In addition to stainless steel, bronze played a fundamental role in the manufacture of watches, although it has replaced by stainless steel. Apart from being less expensive, its own brown shine adds a sense of beauty to the watch. However, bronze is relatively easy to deteriorate, and we usually want the watch to be durable.

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In the aspect of price, carbon fiber is a typical representative. Specifically, carbon fiber are lightweight and stronger than most metals. They are primarily used in leading sports equipment and even supercars. Compared with other watches, those made from carbon fiber are labeled as a stimulating and honorable image. They are not only expensive but also very fragile

And there is no doubt that stainless steel is the most widely applied watch material at present. Its advantages consist of resisting corrosion and capability of keeping a shine for a long time. Relatively lower price allows it to be more acceptable in the market. Stainless steel is an alloy that maintains complete strength of steel. Two finishing, polish or brush, are usually involved during the manufacture of stainless steel watch. A great shine effect could be successfully achieved through polishing, while brushing will lead the surface to look rough. But scratches and dents are unavoidable actually for this kind of material. Naviforce quartz watch suppliers specializing in watch manufacturing such as wholesale military watches.



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