Glory of the Whole Team Instead of the Kingdom of One Person


NAVIFORCE has successfully defended “Brand Sales Champion” & “No. 1 Flagship Store in Sales of Watch Category” in 2018 AliExpress Double 11 Big Promotion.


Following sales list of watch category flagship stores in 2018 AliExpress “Double 11 Big Promotion” officially announced by AliExpress, the brand sales list of watch category was recently released.


It reveals that NAVIFORCE bags the glorious titles consecutively without any suspense, “Double Champions”: No. 1 Brand Sales & No. 1 Flagship Store in Sales of Watch Category




However, unlike the external imagination on its supercilious reaction and the possibility of immersing themselves in unbridled excitement, NAVIFORCE keeps doing their duty regularly----do a good job & be a good person.


Generally speaking, it is easily understandable and forgivable for a young brand to be even a little proud when achieving such an impressive result for two consecutive years.


Why do they hide their capacities just like a veteran who has gone through glitz & clamor and keep working hard?




In this regard, Mr. Yang, the general manager of NAVIFORCE, said: We have to keep motivated utterly.


As a matter of fact, our team is very young and energetic. Perhaps this is why we are able to relatively understand the demands of young people so that we can make the products they like.


What we have achieved can be attributed to the concerted effort made by each staffs against all odds to realize our goal. We are far from the so-called market leader without their supports as well as can’t claim to be a prosperous company without them.


So our next step is still to mull over the product with patience and think more about consumer demand instead of immersing ourselves in the applause.


We are also dedicated to gathering more aspiring people to form a force, which allows NAVIFORCE to fly higher and higher.




Nowadays, sharing economy and intelligent manufacturing are extremely popular, while both the market and the situation are changing every day. Facing the rapidly developing industry, no enterprise takes business lightly. Those who can integrate the industry resources and keenly grasp the market dynamics are likely to seize new opportunities.


Thus, no matter what kind of glory NAVIFORCE has achieved, we will not be complacent or self-satisfied. Instead, we will never forget our original intention and constantly introspect ourselves, improving ourselves by positively serving consumers, uniting the partners and communicating with the suppliers to let the business road go further and further. 



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