How to take care of your watch

Wristwatch is a small-volume yet precise instrument, involving hundreds of watch components, unique complex structure and the specific requirements on use environment, which leads wristwatch maintenance to be particularly important.

From an amateur to a person who slowly falls in love with the watch, I gradually found that I have not only known more and more knowledge concerning the watch, but also started to observe every small part of the watch. Indeed, emotional connection has formed between the watch and me, for the one reason that the multifunction sports watch has accompanied me through every important moment.


Glass Maintenance

Please note to avoid collisions and prevent the glass from being scratched by sharp objects, so as to avoid damage to the glass. It is recommended to check the strap regularly for any problem to prevent the watch from falling and suffering damage.

If the edges are broken or completely damaged, the sealability of the watch may degenerate, which probably affects its waterproof performance. Be sure to replace the watch glass.

Case Maintenance

It is recommended to regularly use a soft cloth to wipe the sweat or put the watch on the plastic watch holder to prevent it from being eroded by sweat.

Please try to avoid strong collisions, fretting, friction and other activities easily causing plating fading.

Strap Maintenance

It is recommended to reserve more than two leather straps for replacement to avoid the problem that the straps become hardened with peculiar smell after being wetted by sweat due to wearing the same strap for a long time.

The steel strap needs to be removed from the watch during daily cleaning. It is cleaned separately with a specific cleaning agent, then rinsed with water, and then wiped with a dry cloth and finally blown dry with a hair dryer.

Water Resistance Maintenance

3 ATM and 5 ATM merely represent life waterproof performance. Please try not to wet the watch. Check the waterproof performance of the watch regularly at the service center. It is best to replace the waterproof rubber seal every two or three years. Please avoid using the watch in a hot shower, sauna or in an environment where the temperature varies greatly.

Anti-magnetism Maintenance

Do not randomly place the watch around strong magnetic appliances, such as mobile phones or computers. If your watch is magnetized accidentally, the accuracy of the watch will be  affected. When it happened, it was recommended to repair the watch at a professional service center.

Regular Maintenance

If there is an unidentified liquid inside the watch, please promptly check it through an authorized dealer or watch agent for maintenance. It is recommended to carry out maintenance after replacing the battery 3 to 4 times for the quartz movement watch.



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