Sun Shines, Color Shines NF5020

STORY | Aug. 08, 2022

Sun Shines, Color Shines NF5020

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Use color matching to

Interpret your uniqueness and

Shine your light confidently at any time

Sun Shines, Color Shines NF5020

French Retro--Emerald Green

The unique retro-style emerald green

Shows a high-level sense of sophisticated romance

Embellish your wrist and

Be in harmony with hot summer

Noble and Intellectual--Sapphire Blue

Blue as the eternal guest of fashion can

Seize the attention confidently and brightly in

Dressed-up party or strict workplace

Minimalist Luxury--Aurora Silver

Understated but advanced cool color

Sets off a sense of minimalist modern beauty

Easy to get a high-quality match!

Vivid and Vibrant--Avocado Green

Avocado green is soft and refreshing

Like an irreplaceable crush

When you quietly enjoy the pleasant summer afternoon

Warm and Lively--Bright Yellow

Bright colors bring vitality and vigor

Even cold and domineering people wear this color

Can also become tender and warm

Sun Shines, Color Shines NF5020

Modern and Elegant--Caramel Brown

Classic and easy-matching earth tone

Releases a modern and chic aura and

Shows your fashion taste and level

A Multi-faceted Life Requires a More Colorful Self

Make use of the charm of colors

It is not just for good looks

But an expression of attitude and self-breakthrough

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