STORY | Aug. 08, 2022


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The blowing horn makes everybody focus on passionate scene

With the counting down stiring up the atmosphere


In the off-road rally field where sands blown by wind

The racers roar their engines to get ready to go.

The 45mm hard metal case

Unites the wild and strong vitality in the wrist.

NF8023 well interpretes the heavyduty style and helps you gallop to the fullest

And the soul of challenge competes with time to burn freely

The wheel hub drives up the speed

Like a gear pushing the needle, making ruts on the ground.

In this wild journey it not only tests the tacit understanding between people and cars

But also requires the racers with an accurate control of time

Climb from trough to peak

Textured surface makes you feel like being on rough roads.

The tridimensional word studs show your courage and resolution to go for the top

Move forward steadily with potential and tenacity and then you can hit the limit

The speed and passion between minutes and seconds make you feel superb at all times

With the interior countdown design integrating with an outdoor-atmosphere leather strap


Leave others behind in your dust and enjoy the soaring speed

Let 's look forward to the next reunion after an intense competition

Put on this heavyduty style watch NF8023 and

Have a high five with the racer mentally

The heart of freedom is beating with your wrist swinging

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