Women's Fashion - Guide to Wearing Watches

STORY | Dec. 23, 2022

Women's Fashion - Guide to Wearing Watches

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Wearing a watch is becoming a trend, and women's watches add beauty to a woman's appearance and add more value to their accessories. While there are no restrictions on how women can wear watches, the following rules will help women understand how to wear watches to enhance their fashion, style, and confidence.

The woman with a watch

The woman with a watch

1. Which hand should you wear your watch on?

The norm of "you should wear it on your left hand" has been with us for as long as we can remember.

However, the reason for wearing it on the left hand is that most people use their right hand for everyday chores because it is their dominant hand. But if you are left-handed, wear your watch in your right hand. Just be sure not to wear it on your dominant hand, as it is less likely to get in the way or be damaged. However, you may find that the watch feels better on your dominant hand.

2. Should I wear my watch above or below my wrist bone?

The watch is usually worn above the ulna or wrist bone. Most people wear their watches with their faces above their wrists. With your hands at your sides, if you are wearing long sleeves, your watch will peek out slightly under the cuff of your shirt.

Many people find it more comfortable to wear their watch directly above their wristbone than below or on their wristbone. Therefore, to wear your watch comfortably, wear it above your wrist bone.

3. Should I wear my watch tighter or looser?

You can wear it the way you like. It is recommended not to wear the watch so tight that it causes circulation problems, but also not so loose that it keeps sliding up and down or keeps gravitating here and there. Therefore, please fasten your watch so that it is fixed on your wrist.

women's watch

women's watch

4. Can I wear my watch as a piece of jewelry?

You can decide to wear your watch as a piece of jewelry. What needs to be considered is that your watch should be aesthetically attractive to suit your particular occasion and event.

5. Can I wear a bracelet and a watch at the same time?

There is no limit to fashion and if you like watches and bracelets equally, you can wear both together.

Wearing both at the same time will not detract from your look or make you look "wrong", you can wear both on different hands. Wearing them in opposite directions can balance and complement the weight and accessories.

You can also wear your watch and bracelet on the same wrist, depending on the type and size of the bracelet and watch you want to put together. You can place the watch on top of the bracelet and use it as a "stopper" for the watch.

6. How do I choose a watch size?

A size that is too large or too small will ruin your look. The watch clot should not be visible on the other side of your wrist. To choose the size that suits you best, choose a watch that perfectly matches your wrist size. You can also choose a watch that fits your dress code.

7. Which watch to choose?

Wearing a watch that matches your everyday style and fashion can boost confidence while emphasizing women's sense of style. Since women have different outfits, it is best to have a watch with interchangeable straps to suit everyday situations and outfits.

In addition, choosing a watch design and material that matches your skin tone can also enhance your appearance and confidence. To get an idea of your skin tone, observe the color of your veins. Cool skin tones have blue veins, while warm skin tones have green veins.


Wearing a watch that matches your style will add glamour to your outfit. But everyone has their own definition of fashion, so never limit your style and expression.

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