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Product Quality

1. What is the material of the watch?

Answer: Our quartz watches have a zinc alloy case and our mechanical watches have a steel case.


2. What is the waterproof coefficient of your watch?

Answer: The quartz watch in our watch is waterproof for 30 meters, and the mechanical watch is waterproof for 100 meters.


3. How long does your battery last?

Answer: Our watch batteries can be used generally for 2-3 years.


4. What is the brand of your watch movement?

Answer: Our NF9 series and women's series all adopt the movement imported from Japan, while the NF8 series adopts the movement made in China.


5. Do you have watches with domestic movements?

Answer: Yes, the NF8 series uses a domestic movement. Except that the movement uses a domestic movement, the other accessories are made of the same technology and material as the NF9 series. It will be more advantageous in terms of price.


6. Are your belts and watchbands made of Genuine leather?

Answer: Our multifunction watches are made with genuine leather straps.


Function confirmation

1. Is your watch waterproof?

Answer: The quartz watch in our watch is waterproof for 30 meters, and the mechanical watch is waterproof for 100 meters.


2. Can I swim with your watch?

Answer: No, only watches with a waterproof requirement of more than 5 ATM can swim. Watches made of alloy materials can only be waterproof up to 3 ATM. But our mechanical watch is 10ATM waterproof, and swimming is no problem.


3. How to adjust the date? Alarm clock? Reset watch parameters?

Answer: (Pay attention to our teaching videos on the official website, or contact the after-sales customer service.)


After-sales service

1. Do you have a warranty on your watch? How long time, if any?

Answer: Hello, we guarantee the movement and waterproof for 1 year.


Ordering requirements

1. What is your minimum order quantity? Is there a minimum requirement for each watch?

Answer: We have a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces for the first time, and we need 3 pieces or more for each color.


2. Do you make your own brand?

Answer: Yes, we are an independent brand, and all the designs are original designs.


3. Can you make an OEM watch? 

Answer: Yes, because we are a manufacturer, the minimum order quantity is 500 pieces, and we can make three shell colors.


4. How long is the delivery time?  Can the delivery time be further reduced?

Answer: Our delivery time is 45-60 days after the confirmation of the sample. If you need a shorter time, we will try our best to get it faster. However, for the quality assurance of the watch, it is not recommended to shorten the delivery time.



1. Why is your price so high?

Answer: Maybe our price is a little more expensive than the same price. That's because our watches maintain high quality. Each watch is put into storage after three layers of QC, and we use a stainless steel shell standard to make an alloy shell watch. You can learn about the configuration of our watch, which is the most cost-effective among the watch brands of the same series.


2. Do you offer any special discounts?

Answer: If the order quantity reaches 1000 or above, we can apply for a discount of 2% -4%. We will apply according to the actual situation.


3. Do you have any promotional models? How much is the price?

Answer: Yes, the price is between 30 and 65.


4. What are the prices of your watches?

Answer: The price range of our quartz watch is RMB 40-120.


Packing and stocking

1. How long does it usually take you to prepare the goods?

Answer: Our preparation time is usually 3-7 days after payment When there is any special packing requirement, we will depend on the situation. If it is ready in advance, we will inform you in time.


2. How do you pack your watches?

Answer: The basic package of our watch is a PP bag, which contains a warranty card, a manual and a packet of desiccant. If necessary, we can provide the watch packing flow chart.


Watch style

1. Do you only sell men's watches?

A: No, at the moment we have men's watches, women's watches, lovers' watches and a new range of accessories-card bags.


2. Do you make mechanical watches? How much is the price?

A: Yes, we currently have four mechanical watches in the price range of 300 to 450. The mechanical watch is made of all steel, and the waterproof can reach 100 meters.


3. Is it the original NAVIFORCE watch?

Answer: Yes, we are the brand owner and factory of the NAVIFORCE watches.


4:Are they all in stock?

Answer: Most of our products are in stock. You can tell me what style you need first, and I will help you check and confirm


5: How long can it be delivered and when can I receive the goods?

Answer: This question needs to be confirmed according to the actual order, delivery address and shipping method

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