New Arrival —— NF9152

Everyone needs a new goal or direction at the beginning of the new year, which allows you to locate your own target and fight for it.

The tiger will spare no effort to catch the food when spotting the prey.

Scan! Detect! Locate! Target!
To find the huge world of exploration!




Radar detection screen display “serves” as the watch dial, decorated with concentric pattern that is deeply intertwined with groups of rays from the centre, which definitely reveals a feeling of technology and mystery.

The creative dial leads us to imagine the underwater journey, in which we would take the submarine with the help of radar and sonar.

No matter how deep the ocean is, it can't stop us from exploring.




Attached by date and day windows, the dial is designed to be simple but complete.

Four decorative metal nails are placed around the bezel, which seem to connect the bezel and the case.

Through this military-style timepiece, we even could feel the tenacity of a soldier image.




The hour marker is shown in the shape of white dot with rose gold loop around it, which looks like eye-catching detection target on the radar & sonar screen detection monitor.




The color of strap is designed to be consistent with case and dial.

Black means wildness, silver means fashion, brown means restraint, blue means freedom, gold means nobility.



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