Rule Breaker or Defender of Tradition?


As in the last year, the award “No. 1 in Sales of Watch Category in 2018 AliExpress Double 11 Shopping Festival” goes to the brand, NAVIFORCE, known as one of 2017 AliExpress Top 10 Brands as well. NAVIFORCE Official Store has scored a landslide victory in 2018 as well as received this award for two consecutive years.




AliExpress Double 11 Shopping Festival comes at the same time every year, followed by the performance made by the sellers in watch export industry, striving for a good result in just three days. Not every store can achieve satisfactory results yet. Top 20 Stores officially announced by the manager of AliExpress watch category are as follow:


  • NAVIFORCE Official Store
  • BANGWEI Official Store
  • Chinese Watch factory
  • BOBO BIRD Official Store
  • Alice941010 Store
  • Skmei official store
  • LIGE Official Store
  • NIBOSI Official Store
  • dropshipping watch Store
  • Curren Official Store
  • MEGIR Official Store
  • BANGWEI 1smart watch Store
  • Watch store
  • GMT
  • Love watch. Store
  • LIGE-02 Store
  • shengke Official Store
  • BENYAR Factory Store
  • True Colors Store
  • CHOSEN1 Watch Store


It turns out that some of older watch brands have fade out of the market, while a rapidly rising brand, NAVIFORCE, has become the defending champion in this race. But why?


Is the innovation model as important as you think?


Not all innovation model are applicable.


NAVIFORCE hardly conducts any subversive innovation in the aspects of business model or sales model, but focusing on what they are good at, wholesale channel. Distinguished from those who tend to form a contradictory relationship with their dealers, NAVIFORCE chooses to be friends with their own dealers and support them a lot. Prevent from exploiting the dealer, NAVIFORCE has adhered to the traditional way of doing business by showing unrivalled enthusiasm in its partnership and facilitating their development.


Is branding crucial?


Yes, it is but not exactly!


Many would say that the core of a brand is culture. It is true. However, most of people incline to ignore that the most essential approach for the communication & interaction between brand and consumers is not based on the promotional material or copywriting, but rather the product. Although brand building is surely important for probably reducing the costs of consumer choice, it may also greatly increase the cost of repurchase.


And why?


It is easily understood that many brands have started to carry out brand upgrade after a period of operation, which naturally brings some improvement of brand image and leads to higher and higher cost of product price yet. Nevertheless, does the product match the brand image? Is brand transformation acceptable to the old customers? Could the inherent market system knowledge be digested thoroughly? We need to pay more attentions on such issues.


As a previously top ladies’ shoes brand suffering recently, Belle felt hard to resist the declining trend and  encountered the same bottleneck a few years ago: gradually increased age of existing customers; disapproval from the new customers; distributor’s incapacity to develop new sales channels. And it is impossible for Belle to substantially adjust the product structure. What it can do is to seize market opportunities for the positive stock market at least by expanding its sales volume. The delisting of Belle shares in Hong Kong in this year proved that it is necessary to find specific solution when facing the business problems instead of being too keen on seeking instant benefits. 




And how?


Let’s go back to see how NAVIFORCE achieve that:


Identification of Target Consumer ---- clear consumer positioning


Accurate Price Range Setting ---- Do not blindly pursue brand height, but to analyze the fit of customer group


Moderate Design Creation ---- The design is endless, while the receptivity of specific consumer groups is not endless. Excessive innovation is another form of waste.


Appropriate Quality Control ---- Should a watch be worn for a lifetime? The watch is no longer a timing tool in the conventional sense. It has already become a part of the accessories instead of merely a tool with simple functional attributes. Swatch defines their product as a second watch mainly serving as a fashion accessory. Also, the product will not be as suitable as you think even if it possesses higher quality. The best ratio for cost-effectiveness is recommended to pursue, since high quality tends to mean high cost.


Stick to Our Own Main Business ---- NAVIFORCE didn’t follow the trend of WeChat marketing, viral growth of chain stores or some strange design innovations, but persisted firm in our own original position by serving & communicating well with our customers and making the product they want.


All in all, what NAVIFORCE is doing is the most traditional thing in the watch industry. We are neither rule breaker nor a defender of tradition. What we do actually is just to follow our original intention and concentrate on our core business. 



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