New Arrival  |  The Top Player

STORY | Apr. 22, 2022

New Arrival | The Top Player

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Conservative or adventurous?

Hold it or take the initiative?

How can we take the lead in the arena?

New Arrival  |  The Top Player

Leave the rules

Fight with boldness and resoluteness

Put on this new NF9195 right now the Wrist Action Faction

Start timing, and create your era

New Arrival  |  The Top Player

Pioneer attitude · Excellent performance

Stirring up the new trend

Combined with the leaping icons in the middle;

Across the symmetrical LCD large screen dial;

Ignite the racing blood

New Arrival  |  The Top Player

With the avant-garde design, break the inherent style;

Open a new fashion chapter as a personality player.

Heavy physique, outstanding strength

The home court is in my control

New Arrival  |  The Top Player

With 45mm domineering metal case,

Integrates many practical functions into a watch such as the timing;

To give strong confidence

With the LED lights, clearly to guide the way forward;

Boost your full speed sprint with plenty of energy

New Arrival  |  The Top Player

Tough style, strive for excellence

Give me the strong character

Runway shape texture stainless steel strap

Combined with the easy-press double folding buckle

Bring you a safe and comfortable wearing experience;

Keep in the most fashionable state at all times

NF9195 is ready to go

To witness the top player and win a unique life

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