NF9199S|Fashion Is Up to You

STORY | Aug. 08, 2022

NF9199S|Fashion Is Up to You

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Innovation is inevitable and 

The "Guochao" has come to the stage.

NF9199S|Fashion Is Up to You

Bearing the idea of immortality

NF9199S mades a strong landing.

Are you ready?

"Fashionable" Gene

——Innovative Force

Opening up a new pattern of trend,

The creative surface texture awakens cool DNA.

With sinking LCD screen strongly seizing the limelight,

The chic and fashion has get ready.

"Fashionable" Tone


Well combined with independence and harmony,

The interior chamferring small dial

Builds a sense of three-dimensional space and 

Reveals the fashionable tone of the "Guochao".

"Fashionable" Attitude

——Bold to Break Through

Fearless to break with the traditional dial design.

Applying with the offset movement,

NF9199S stands out with a pioneering attitude and

Interpretes the fashionable tension of the new generation.

With novel design colliding traditional culture,

NF9199S endows the new charm of the "Guochao".

NF9199S|Fashion Is Up to You

Show your pioneering attitude right now and 

Be a trendsetter of the new generation.

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