Beyond Endless

STORY | Aug. 08, 2022

Beyond Endless

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Dare to dream. Dare to do. Dare to surpass.

For the strong, it is not only the insistence of refreshing themselves, but also the relentless pursuit to strength.

Instantly combine style and power

To start a battle with yourself.

Beyond Endless

Challenge Endlessly

To update the established record

Maybe when you are in tender age

You want to challenge yourself with the growing body

To go farther, climb higher and dive deeper.

This competitiveness is

Rooted in human nature.

"Hold on, one more time"

Each time when the wrist strength soars

It makes you feel stronger.

Breakthrough Endlessly

Crack the physical bottleneck with bold genes

The more you exercise, the stronger you become.

And you're about to hit your physical bottleneck.

Is it to retreat or to make a breakthrough?

Escape is never an option for you.

"Add weight to dumbbells"

Demonstrate superior will in a pioneering manner

And finally you succeed in cracking your physical bottleneck.

Surpass Endlessly

Keep adding weight with your great strength

Till the first time

You went beyond your limits and

Feel more relaxed than ever.

Suddenly you realized that

The potential of your body is endless.

Beyond Endless

Just like NF9201

Keep exploring and challenging

Of your infinite potential

Always add buffs to your toughness.

Fight with high energy by your side

To meet and win every important challenge.

We are determined to win and

We will be beyond endless.

NF9201, add more buffs to your strength.

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