Quartz Analog + LCD Display

NAVIFORCE Men Luxury Watches Fashion Stainless Steel Calendar LCD Display Waterproof Quartz Wristwatch NF9199S


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★ Design Concept:With novel design collding traditional culture, the offset quartz movement highlights the cross-generation force of trend, NF9199S, bearing the inclusive free idea gives new meaning to the classic.
★ Equipped with LCD display movement and offset quartz movement,it is a new interpration of inclusive traditional idea showing new-generation attitude, with novel cellular pattern and a charming small dial combined the fashion design makes you outstanding all the time.
★ Be fashion and energetic:Inheriting dynamic young genes and bearing the speed of fashion pioneers, the Guochao of the cool bezel is on the verge.
★ 30 meters waterproof: can withstand water splash or immersion in water, can not be used in hot baths and saunas. Note: Do not operate the watch buttons in the water.

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A watch with a 3 ATM water resistance rating is suitable for everyday use and can withstand splashes of water, such as from rain or washing your hands. However, it is not suitable for swimming or diving, as the pressure of the water at those depths can exceed 3 ATM (atmospheres).


It's important to note that the water resistance rating of a watch is not a permanent characteristic, as it can be affected by factors such as age, wear and tear, and exposure to extreme temperatures. If you own a 3 ATM water-resistant watch and want to ensure that it remains water-resistant, it's a good idea to have it tested regularly by a professional and to avoid exposing it to water when the seals on the case or crown are damaged or compromised.


At NAVIFORCE, you have a network of experts at your disposal when you buy our 3atm waterproof watch. Enjoy it now.

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