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New NAVIFORCE Design 2022 Men's Sports Leather Quartz Watches Waterproof Luxury High Quality Male Watch Reloj Hombre


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◉DESIGN INSPIRATION: Adopting color matching like dark green, deep gray and orange blue. This is an understated but distinctive timepiece. Breaking through the gender boundaries.NF8024 well combines a simple dial design with tough elements. Easy to create a cool and casual style; 

◉CASUAL AND NEUTRAL COLOR MATCHING: Neutral colors with high inclusiveness make a balance of elegant style and dynamic style. In line with the restrained trend perception, it is easy to match and is not lack of young personality. 

◉CASUAL AND NEUTRAL COLOR MATCHING: The most eyecatching is the exquisite metal texture case of soft and full color that is finely polished. And the side of the case has a novel design, showing a slim and unrestrained appearance. 

◉NOVEL BIG DIAL THAT DOES NOT BE DEFINED: Simple big dial breaks down the gender boundaries and interprets a neutral style. The clever combination of thick studs and Arabic numerals makes the scale more legible and easy to read. 

◉CONVENIENT AND COMFORTABLE LEATHER STRAP: Stylish textured leather strap without stitching lines shows more of a sense of conciseness and neatness. Matched with an adjustable pin buckle, it can bring you a convenient and comfortable wearing experience. 

◉ANTI-SKIDDING CROWN: Fashion gear-shaped crown makes it easier to adjust the time. 

◉3ATM WATERPROOF: Prevent the rain splashing and hand washing, etc. from causing water enter the watches in daily life. 

◉HARDENED MINERAL GLASS: Scratch-resistant, high transparency and durable to use

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NAVIFORCE Leather quartz watches are a classic and timeless accessory that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. These watches feature a leather strap and a quartz movement. NAVIFORCE Quartz movements are known for their accuracy and low maintenance, making them a popular choice for watches. Leather quartz watches come in a range of styles from simple and minimalistic to more ornate and decorative. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and are a versatile choice for both men and women. In addition to their style and practicality, leather quartz watches are often affordable and can be found in a range of price points. Whether you're looking for a classic timepiece to wear every day or a statement piece for special occasions, a leather quartz watch is a great option.

NAVIFORCE watches are all made of environmentally friendly vacuum plating. In addition to leather, we also offer watches made of other materials such as stainless steel, PU, TPU, etc. We also have a variety of colors such as silver, orange, rose gold, brown, gray, black, etc. 

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What makes NAVIFORCE Leather quartz watches so popular in 2022?

Accuracy:Quartz movements are known for their accuracy,as they use a battery-powered oscillator to keep time. This makes them a practical choice for those who rely on their watch for timekeeping.

Low maintenance:Quartz watches require little maintenance,as they do not need to be wound like mechanical watches. All they need is a new battery every few years.

Versatility:Leather quartz watches can be dressed up or down,depending on the occasion,making them a versatile choice for both formal and casual wear.

Affordability:Leather quartz watches are often more affordable than mechanical watches,making them a good option for those on a budget.

Style:Leather quartz watches come in a range of styles,from simple and minimalistic to more ornate and decorative,making it easy to find a watch that fits your personal style.


Overall,the combination of accuracy,low maintenance,versatility,affordability,and style make leather quartz watches a popular choice for both men and women.


FAQ about NAVIFORCE Leather quartz watches:

1. Is it the original NAVIFORCE watch?

Answer:Yes,we are the brand owner and factory of the NAVIFORCE watches.


2. What is the material of the watch?

Answer:Our quartz watches have a zinc alloy case and our mechanical watches have a steel case.


3. Can I swim with your watch?

Answer:No,only watches with a waterproof requirement of more than 5 ATM can swim. Watches made of alloy materials can only be waterproof up to 3 ATM. But our mechanical watch is 10ATM waterproof,and swimming is no problem.


4. How to adjust the date?Alarm clock?Reset watch parameters?

Answer:Pay attention to our teaching videos on the official website,or contact the after-sales customer service.


5. Are they all in stock?

Answer:Most of our products are in stock. You can tell me what style you need first,and I will help you check and confirm


6. Why is your price so high?

Answer:Maybe our price is a little more expensive than the same price. That's because our watches maintain high quality. Each watch is put into storage after three layers of QC,and we use a stainless steel shell standard to make an alloy shell watch. You can learn about the configuration of our watch,which is the most cost-effective among the watch brands of the same series.


7. Do you only sell men's watches?

A:No,at the moment we have men's watches,women's watches,lovers' watches and a new range of accessories-card bags.


8. Do you have a warranty on your watch?How long time,if any?

Answer:Hello,we guarantee the movement and waterproofing for 1 year.


Our company can provide high-quality Naviforce watches,support OEM design and customization,contact us now for online shopping.