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NAVIFORCE 9200 Men's Watch Fashion Casual Polygon 3ATM Waterproof Quartz Leather Clock


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◉DESIGN INSPIRATION:Breaking through the boundaries with sharp edgesNF9200L highlights your unique aesthetic in detailsNow let's put on this new watch andChallenge the norm one more timeShow your trueself freely

◉BRUSHED BEZEL WITH CLEAR-CUT EDGES:The geometric bezel with novel brushed texture shows a sense of fortitude. Integrated with 8 inner hexagonl scews on the bezel, the lines from the inside and outside are more neat, and the unique edges easily grab the attention of the crowd.

◉DAINTY CASE WITH SLIM FIGURE:Breaking the solidified impression, the textured case continues the chamfer design of the bezel, brings unconstrained visual enjoyment, and interprets your unique high-end taste.

◉CHARACTERISTIC DIAL WITH SASSY STYLE:The tridimensional clous de Paris decorate the surface, combined with the novel capsule-shaped studs, release the true attitude of the avant-garde and add buff to the pioneer design.

◉COMFORTABLE STRAP WITH NEW INTERPRETATION:Our soft textured leather strap managed to provide comfortable wearing experience, beautiful and practical.

◉NO FEAR OF DARKNESS:All the hands and word studs are applied with luminous coatings, so you can read time clearly even at night.

◉3ATM WATERPROOF:Prevent the rain splashing and hand washing, etc. from causing water enter the watches in daily life.

◉HARDENED MINERAL GLASS:Scratch-resistant, high transparency and durable to use

◉ANTI-SKIDDING CROWN:Novel gear-shaped crown with a brand logo ""N"" makes it more easily to adjust time"

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A business casual leather strap watch is a stylish timepiece that can be worn in a variety of professional settings. A leather strap watch is a classic choice that pairs well with both casual and formal attire, making it suitable for a wide range of occasions.

Here are a few tips for wearing a business casual leather strap watch:

1. Opt for a watch with a simple, clean design. A watch with a minimal, understated aesthetic will look more professional and timeless.

2. Choose a watch with a leather strap that is well-made and in good condition. A high-quality leather strap will look more polished and professional.Discover more straps and boxes to expand your boundaries of collocation.

3. Pair your leather strap watch with business casual attire, such as slacks, a button-down shirt, and loafers. Avoid wearing a leather strap watch with very formal attire, such as a suit and tie.

4. Consider the size of the watch's face and strap. A watch that is too large or bulky may look out of place in a business casual setting, while a watch that is too small may look too casual.

5. Keep the watch clean and well-maintained. Make sure that the watch's face and strap are free of dirt and stains, and consider having the watch serviced regularly to ensure that it is running smoothly.


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