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NAVIFORCE Men Business Casual Automatic Mechanical Wristwatch Waterproof Stainless Steel Watch NFS1002


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Original movement: automatic mechanical movement, with 80h running time, 21 timekeeping bearings, 28800 vibrations per hour, ensuring the stability of running time;
Full hollow surface: Full hollow art surface, precision movement assembled from hundreds of parts, through hollowing out the see-through bottom cover, Showing clear dial vision;
Multi-function watch: the simple pin is used as the scale display, the pin and the pointer are covered with a luminous coating,  when reading clearly at night, the hollow round small dial shows the timing function;
High-quality materials: Stainless steel strap and case can withstand the test of time. They are waterproof to a depth of 100 meters and are fully sealed and waterproof. They are suitable for hand washing, rain, swimming, cold bathing, snorkeling, short soaking, etc., But not suitable for steam environments;
Perfect gift: Fully automatic mechanical watch is an indispensable and important accessory for men and is a gift choice for holidays, families, and meetings. A great gift for your leaders, colleagues, classmates, boyfriends, teachers, husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, etc.

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The Men Business Casual Automatic Mechanical Wristwatch is a versatile and stylish accessory that will help you make a good impression on everyone at festivals, families and meetings.


NAVIFORCE brand offers a range of styles and designs to choose from,including traditional,sporty,and trendy options. This allows you to choose a watch that fits your personal style and complements your professional wardrobe.


NAVIFORCE supports design and customization,click here to learn more about Men's business casual watches styles.

NAVIFORCE men's business casual automatic mechanical watch is suitable for hand washing, rain, swimming, cold bathing, snorkeling, short dips, etc. It is an indispensable and important accessory for men. Click here to shop now.

Difference between mechanical watches and quartz watches:

Mechanical watchesQuartz watches
Timekeeping errorSwiss movement day difference plus or minus 25 seconds - 30 seconds
Japanese movement plus or minus 35-40 seconds
Daily difference plus or minus 0.5 seconds
Operating PrincipleThe rotation of the oscillating weight drives the clockwork,which in turn generates power in the movement and turns the handsRelies on battery power to oscillate the quartz and turn the hands
ShapeThicker and heavier,with fine craftsmanship and many parts,with collectible ornamental valueThin and light movement,many styles,simple structure

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