Three Main Types of Watch Crystal

Located in the top of watch case, transparent watch crystal is applied to protect the dial and internals from the dirt and water in order to keep the watch great-looking and durable. So common, yet so many uses it possesses




Crystals are made of different materials consequently featuring different strengths and weaknesses.

Dome and flat glasses are usually selected to fit a wide range of watch cases.




Three main types are involved in watch-making absolutely.


The acrylic/plastic glass tends to be more flexible and relatively soft compared to other crystals. And it is not easy to shatter. Acrylic plastic is tough and light but in weak scratch resistance. Thus it is constantly utilized in Children’s watches for its favorable durability. And the timepiece with acrylic glass is suitable for outdoor entertainment. 




Mineral glass is harder glass than acrylic and more shatter resistant definitely, which is more scratch resistant than acrylic glass, softer than sapphire crystal. Thus it is common in most of mid-range watches and some of military watches. It is easier for such glass to shatter in extreme cold or hot conditions. And that’s why you have to avoid using your watch in the circumstance mentioned above. The glass is treated using heat or chemicals to lead it to be more scratch resistant.




Sapphire crystal, constructed of crystalised Aluminum oxide, is scratch resistant frequently used in luxurious watches for its high cost in manufacturing. But its shatter resistance is not very high. Synthetic sapphire is characterized by physical and chemical stability without the colouring, resulting in strong corrosion & abrasion resistance. And its scratch resistance is extremely strong.  




In terms of price, sapphire glass is the most expensive, mineral crystal is the second, and the least expensive one is acrylic glass.

By the way, sapphire glass is rated 9 out of 10 according to Mohs hardness scale, while mineral glass 7 out of 10 and acrylic glass is 5.5 out of 10 respectively.



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