Top 10 brands of aliexpress 2017

top 10 brands of aliexpress 2017


Five years, 43,800 hours. For a watch, the hour hand has been turned more than 40,000 times. It has been several years, but for the new enterprise, it seems that the time is far from enough to succeed in this mature field.


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Among them, NAVIFORCE, from guangzhou xiangyu watch co., LTD., takes the lead in the track of time. With its original appearance design and unique watch type, it has become the fastest growing watch brand in the industry.

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Along the way, NAVIFORCE pursues the spirit like a clock. Despite the ups and downs of the outside world, it still sticks to its path and takes every step steadily.And it's that persistence and kindness that makes NAVIFORCE a star in this brief, five-year period.

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Ever since the establishment of the NAVIFORCE brand in 2012, the compound growth rate of the brand has exceeded 100% every year.In December 2016, after alibaba aliexpress officially opened its flagship store of NAVIFORCE brand, it has set many industry records in just one year: the fastest growing brand in watch category, the number one in sales of double eleven in 2017, the number one in sales of flash sales of watches in 2017And the widely expected "Top 10 brands of aliexpress 2017".



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