Our History

Our History

We take pride in our ongoing commitment to progress.

Year 2012


The founder of NAVIFORCE, Kevin, was grew up in Chaoshan, China. He was immersed in a business-oriented environment from a young age, which sparked a strong interest and talent in the field of commerce. At the same time, as a watch enthusiast, he noticed that the options available in the market were either expensive luxury watches, homogenized designs, or lacked cost-effectiveness. To break free from the current state of the watch industry, he decided to establish his own brand, aiming to provide high-quality watches with unique designs and affordable prices for dream pursuers.

Year 2013


NAVIFORCE established its own factory, always focusing on original design and product quality. We established partnerships with renowned international watch brands like Seiko Epson. The factory involves around 30 production processes, carefully controlling each step, from material selection, production, assembly, to shipping, to ensure that every watch is of high quality.

Year 2014

NAVIFORCE experienced rapid growth, continuously expanding the factory's production capacity, with a well-organized production workshop covering over 3,000 square meters. This provided professional technical support to maintain product quality. Simultaneously, NAVIFORCE established an efficient supply chain management system. By optimizing the supply chain, they obtained high-quality materials and components at competitive prices. This helped them offer affordable products without compromising quality and passed on the cost-effectiveness advantage to wholesalers, enabling them to provide prices competitive with or superior to market prices, thus maintaining profit margins in sales.

Year 2016


To explore new business growth opportunities, NAVIFORCE adopted an online and offline omnichannel approach, officially joining AliExpress to accelerate internationalization. Our product sales expanded from Southeast Asia and the Middle East to major countries and regions worldwide, including the Americas, Europe, and Africa. NAVIFORCE gradually grew into a global watch brand.

Year 2018

NAVIFORCE received widespread acclaim worldwide for its unique designs and affordable prices. We were honored as one of the "Top Ten Overseas Brands on AliExpress" in 2017-2018, and for two consecutive years, they achieved the top sales in the watch category during the "AliExpress Double 11 Mega Sale" for both the entire brand and the brand's official flagship store.

Year 2022

To meet the demands of increased production capacity, our factory has expanded to 5000 square meters, employing over 200 staff members. Our inventory comprises over 1000 SKUs, with more than 90% of our products being exported to over 100 countries and regions worldwide. Our brand has gained recognition and influence in regions such as the Middle East, South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Additionally, NAVIFORCE is actively seeking international trade growth opportunities and engaging in friendly communication with customers from various countries. We believe that sincere two-way communication and cost-effective products will help our customers achieve success in the market.