Quality Control

Watch Parts Inspection

The foundation of our production process lies in top-notch design and accumulated experience. With years of watchmaking expertise, we have established multiple high-quality and stable raw material suppliers that comply with EU standards. Upon arrival of raw materials, our IQC department meticulously inspects each component and material to enforce rigorous quality control, while implementing necessary safety storage measures. We employ advanced 5S management, enabling comprehensive and efficient real-time inventory management from procurement, receipt, storage, pending release, testing, to final release or rejection.

For every watch component with specific functions, functional tests are conducted to ensure their proper operation.

Functionality Testing

For every watch component with specific functions, functional tests are conducted to ensure their proper operation.


Material Quality Testing

Verify if the materials used in watch components meet specification requirements, filtering out substandard or non-compliant materials. For instance, leather straps must undergo a 1-minute high-intensity torsion test.


Appearance Quality Inspection

Inspect the appearance of components, including case, dial, hands, pins, and bracelet, for smoothness, flatness, neatness, color difference, plating thickness, etc., to ensure there are no obvious defects or damages.


Dimensional Tolerance Check

Validate if the dimensions of watch components align with specification requirements and fall within the dimensional tolerance range, ensuring suitability for watch assembly.


Assemblability Testing

Assembled watch parts require a recheck of the assembly performance of their components to ensure correct connection, assembly, and operation.

Assembled Watch Inspection

Product quality is not only ensured at the source of production but also runs through the entire manufacturing process. After the inspection and assembly of watch components are completed, each semi-finished watch undergoes three quality inspections: IQC, PQC, and FQC. NAVIFORCE places a strong emphasis on every step of the production process, ensuring that products meet high-quality standards and are delivered to customers.

  • Waterproof Testing

    Waterproof Testing

    The watch is pressurized using a vacuum pressurizer, then placed in a vacuum sealing tester. The watch is observed to ensure it can operate normally for a certain period without water ingress.

  • Functional Testing

    Functional Testing

    The functionality of the assembled watch body is checked to ensure that all functions such as luminescence, time display, date display, and chronograph are working correctly.

  • Assembly Accuracy

    Assembly Accuracy

    The assembly of each component is checked for accuracy and correctness, ensuring that parts are correctly connected and installed. This includes checking if the colors and types of the watch hands match appropriately.

  • Drop Testing

    Drop Testing

    A certain proportion of each batch of watches undergoes drop testing, typically performed multiple times, to ensure the watch operates normally after testing, without any functional damage or external damage.

  • Appearance inspection

    Appearance inspection

    The appearance of the assembled watch, including the dial, case, crystal, etc., is inspected to ensure there are no scratches, defects, or oxidation of the plating.

  • Time Accuracy Testing

    Time Accuracy Testing

    For quartz and electronic watches, the battery's timekeeping is tested to ensure that the watch can operate reliably under normal usage conditions.

  • Adjustment and Calibration

    Adjustment and Calibration

    Mechanical watches require adjustment and calibration to ensure accurate timekeeping.

  • Reliability Testing

    Reliability Testing

    Some key watch models, such as solar-powered watches and mechanical watches, undergo reliability testing to simulate long-term wear and use, evaluating their performance and lifespan.

  • Quality Records and Tracking

    Quality Records and Tracking

    Relevant quality information is recorded in each production batch for tracking the production process and quality status.

Multiple Packaging, Various Choices

Qualified watches that have successfully passed product testing are transported to the packaging workshop. Here, they undergo the addition of minute hands, hang tags, along with insertion of warranty cards and instruction manuals into PP bags. Subsequently, they are meticulously arranged within paper boxes adorned with the brand insignia. Given that NAVIFORCE products are distributed to over 100 countries and regions worldwide, we offer customized and non-standard packaging options in addition to the basic packaging, tailored to meet specific customer requirements.

  • Install second stopper

    Install second stopper

  • Put into PP bags

    Put into PP bags

  • Generic packaging

    Generic packaging

  • Special packaging

    Special packaging

For the more, to ensure product quality, we also achieve it through the responsibility of the work process, continuously enhancing the skills and work commitment of personnel. This encompasses personnel responsibility, management responsibility, environmental control, all of which contribute to safeguarding product quality.