Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

NAVIFORCE's founder, Kevin, was born and raised in the Chaozhou-Shantou region of China. Growing up in a business-oriented environment from a young age, he developed a deep interest and natural talent for the world of commerce. At the same time, as a watch enthusiast, he noticed that the watch market was dominated by expensive luxury timepieces or lacked quality and affordability, failing to meet the needs of the majority of people. To change this situation, he conceived the idea of providing uniquely designed, affordable, and high-quality watches for dream chasers.

This was a courageous adventure, but driven by the belief in 'dream it, do it,' Kevin founded the "NAVIFORCE" watch brand in 2012. The brand name, "Navi," is derived from "navigate," symbolizing the hope that everyone can find their own life direction. "Force" represents the power to encourage wearers to take practical action toward achieving their goals and dreams.

Therefore, NAVIFORCE watches are designed with a sense of strength and a modern metallic touch, incorporating a visionary approach to leading fashion trends and challenging consumer aesthetics. They combine unique designs with practical functionality. Choosing a NAVIFORCE watch is not just selecting a timekeeping tool; it's choosing a witness to your dreams, an ambassador of your unique style, and an indispensable part of your life story.



We firmly believe that customers are our most valuable asset. Their voice is always heard, and we strive relentlessly to meet their needs.


We foster teamwork and knowledge-sharing among our employees, believing that the synergy of collective effort can create greater value.



We advocate enduring collaboration and open communication with our partners, aiming for a mutually beneficial relationship.


We pursue constant enhancement of product quality and innovation to fulfill customers' expectations for premium-quality timepieces.


Social Responsibility

We adhere to industry ethics and steadfastly shoulder our social responsibilities. Through our contributions, we stand as a force for positive change in society.