NAVIFORCE NF5030 Original New Stainless Steel Analog Sparkling Women Elegance Quartz Watch

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Sunburst radiance meets classic Roman numerals on a delicate rose gold bracelet. NF5030 redefines elegance with its chic and modern design. The finely polished metal bezel adds a touch of luxury to your wrist, while the Japanese quartz movement ensures precision and lasting battery life. With a scratch-resistant hardened mineral glass and 3ATM waterproof rating, this watch is your ideal companion for any occasion.

  • Model No.: NF5030
  • Movement: Quartz Standard
  • Waterproof: 3ATM
  • Colors: 6
  • HS code: 9102120000
  • Acceptance 丨 : OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency
  • Payment 丨 : T/T, L/C, PayPal
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    ● Lustrous Allure:

    Bask in the sunburst dial's soft glow, complemented by classic Roman numerals. A delicate rose gold bracelet adds a proper metallic texture that's chic, minimalist, and modern.

    ● Timeless Elegance:

    Classic Roman numerals meet chic studs on the sunburst dial, creating a refreshing visual experience that's both elegant and classic, resonating with your sense of refinement.

    ● Radiant Metal Brilliance:

    The finely polished metal bezel outlines a round and smooth contour, exuding a dazzling light-luxury essence that effortlessly captures attention.

    ● Sparkling Bracelet Delight:

    A rose gold bracelet shines with a sparkling light, enhanced by a double-push folding buckle that gracefully accentuates women's wrists, allowing your innate elegance to shine.

    ● Japanese Quartz Mastery:

    Powered by a Japanese metal quartz movement, NF5030 ensures precise timing and extended battery life, ensuring you're always composed and in control.

    ● Resilient Glass:

    Hardened mineral glass guarantees scratch resistance, high transparency, and enduring longevity, preserving its clarity for years to come.

    ● Everyday Versatility:

    With a 3ATM waterproof rating, confidently navigate through daily activities, from rain splashes to hand washing, without compromising style.

    ● Effortless Adjustment:

    The exquisite crown design ensures easy time adjustment, adding a touch of convenience to this elegant piece.

    ● Affordable Luxury:

    Experience luxury without compromise. NF5030 blends stunning design with affordability, offering a timepiece that adds value to your style.

    ● Ample Stock, Swift Delivery:

    Benefit from our plentiful inventory and prompt shipping, ensuring your NF5030 watch arrives swiftly, enhancing your shopping experience.

    Discover the epitome of elegance with NF5030. Explore our diverse wholesale customization options, ample stock availability, and swift delivery tailored to your preferences.


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