NAVIFORCE NF8036 Sports Quartz Watch Chronograph Date Waterproof Silicone Strap Men’s Watch

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After the NF8027 was loved by dealers and consumers around the world, we launched the NF8036, a chronograph watch with rich design details and a silicone strap.

The NF8036 case is designed with a brushed texture, and the lines on the left and right sides of the case are shaped like the airflow around a racing car. This design not only adds a mechanical texture, but also releases raw and unbridled energy, symbolizing resilience. The unique silicone strap creates a strong and free atmosphere.

Of course, the most important thing is the surface design of this watch. The dynamic three small dials show the deconstructed racing genes and pay tribute to speed and precision. In harmony with the car’s brake caliper design and dynamic inner shadow cues, it creates a charming atmosphere that lays the foundation for racing on the wrist and embodies the innate racing spirit.

  • Model No.: NF8036
  • Movement: Quartz Chronograph
  • Waterproof: 3ATM
  • Colors: 7
  • HS code: 9102120000
  • Acceptance 丨 : OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency
  • Payment 丨 : T/T, L/C, PayPal
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    Dynamic Triple Subdial Dial:

    The deconstructed racing DNA of the triple subdial chronograph dial is a nod to speed and precision. Echoing the design cues of automotive brake calipers, it seamlessly aligns with the dynamic inner shadow, unleashing a compelling aura. It sets the stage for a wrist-based competition, embodying the innate racing spirit.


    Durable Bezel in Full Force:

    The robust bezel commands attention with a brushed metal finish that vividly captures the essence of unstoppable speed. The deliberate choice of sturdy rivets not only adds a touch of industrial strength but also releases an inherent tension that resonates with a raw and untamed energy.


    Reinforced Mineral Glass:

    The watch boasts high-definition and scratch-resistant mineral glass, ensuring enduring clarity and durability. With this reinforced feature, the pristine appearance of the timepiece remains untouched, standing the test of time in both aesthetics and resilience.


    Anti-slip Crown:

    The delicate crown design not only elevates the watch's aesthetics but also delivers a smooth and precise time adjustment experience. Enjoy the seamless functionality that adds a touch of refinement to your daily timekeeping rituals.


    3ATM Waterproof:

    Embrace the versatility of the NF8036 as it confidently handles the challenges of daily life. Whether it's handwashing or encountering light rain, the 3ATM waterproof feature ensures durability without compromising on style or functionality.


    Fumed Silica Strap:

    Silicone, known for its excellent elasticity and durability, is well-suited for crafting watch straps. It offers a lightweight and comfortable feel, minimizing the risk of skin allergies. Additionally, it possesses a certain degree of water resistance, making it an ideal choice for sports watches or everyday timepieces.


    7 Colors, More Choices:

    Presenting a diverse array of options, this series offers seven distinctive colors to cater to a myriad of personalized preferences. From classic to trendy, from understated to bold, each color radiates its unique charm.


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