NAVIFORCE NF9220 Dual Display Digital Genuine Leather Casual Sport Waterproof Quartz Men Watches

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NF9220 is a fusion of innovation and rebellion. The geometric-shaped window at 6 o’clock and unique polygonal bezel create visual tension, enhanced by metal studs and step-shaped markers. Equipped with Japanese analog quartz and LCD digital display, it offers abundant functions, infusing vibrant energy adaptable to various occasions. The genuine leather strap is supple and stylish, while its versatile colors add a retro vibe. Embrace confident street style with NF9220 Watch. Inquire now for more information!

  • Model No.: NF9220
  • Movement: Quartz analog+LCD digital
  • Waterproof: 3ATM
  • colors: 6
  • HS code: 9102120000
  • Acceptance 丨 : OEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency
  • Payment 丨 : T/T, L/C, PayPal
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    ● Innovation Meets Rebellion:

    NF9220 Watch features an innovative geometric window at 6 o'clock and a unique polygonal bezel, enhanced by metal studs. This design exudes rebellious allure.

    ● Vibrant Functionality:

    Equipped with Japanese analog quartz and LCD digital display, NF9220 Watch provides abundant functions such as time, day of the week, and countdown. It's adaptable to various occasions, ensuring you're always in your element.

    ● Supple Leather Comfort:

    Crafted from genuine leather, the strap is supple and comfortable, making it an ideal accessory for extended wear.

    ● Versatile Styling:

    With its colors cleverly blending a retro vibe, NF9220 Watch offers versatile fashion choices, perfectly complementing confident street style.

    ● Varied Colors for Diverse Audiences:

    NF9220 Watch comes in 6 colors, appealing to different preferences and occasions, ensuring there's a choice for everyone.

    ● Luminous Hands for Nighttime:

    Equipped with luminous hands, this watch remains functional even in the dark, adding utility to its style.

    ● Waterproof and Sturdy:

    With a 3ATM waterproof rating, NF9220 Watch is designed to withstand everyday adventures, ensuring durability and quality.

    ● Ample Stock and Fast Delivery:

    With plentiful inventory, we ensure quick delivery, minimizing wait times and meeting your needs efficiently.

    ● Dedicated Customer Support:

    Have inquiries? Reach out to us! Our commitment ensures prompt and professional assistance for all your questions.

    NF9220 Watch – Its vibrant functionality, supple comfort, and varied colors redefine your wrist presence. Inquire now to create more business opportunities together!


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