How does NAVIFORCE achieve the same price with the best quality?

Delivering Unmatched Quality at Competitive Prices: NAVIFORCE's Secret Revealed

NAVIFORCE offers not luxury goods, but a range of uniquely designed, high-quality watches at affordable prices. If you are looking for a timepiece that can withstand the test of time, NAVIFORCE has significant advantages such as excellent product quality, brand recognition, competitive pricing, and strong supply capabilities, making it a reliable choice for global wholesalers to establish stable supply chain partnerships.

Customized Movements: NAVIFORCE & SEIKO


NAVIFORCE has a long and fruitful partnership with renowned international watch brand SEIKO. As the movement is a crucial factor in determining the quality of a watch, a high-quality movement ensures not only accurate timekeeping but also long-term performance. In order to provide the market with high-quality watches and offer consumers a comfortable user experience, NAVIFORCE has been customizing various movements from SEIKO for many years.

In addition to excellent quality, different movements offer practical functions that make NAVIFORCE watches more functional and convenient, meeting the needs of end consumers in their daily lives and outdoor activities. Here are the movements used in NAVIFORCE watches:

Quartz Standard Movement: Standard three hands, without date
Quartz Calendar Movement: With date and day window
Quartz Chronograph Movement: Quartz movement with chronograph function, displayed with small seconds dial
Quartz Multi-function Movement: Quartz movement with week, date, and 24-hour function, displayed with small dials Pointer
Quartz Movement + LCD Digital Display Movement: Includes date display, stopwatch function, alarm, and multiple time zone display, among other functions

Commitment to Original Design: Over 200 Watch Models Since Inception

Watches may not speak, but they speak a different language of self-expression. A perfect appearance during an unexpected moment can overturn others' impressions or exceed the wearer's expectations. Every watch enthusiast seeks a timepiece that matches their individual style. It becomes the perfect accessory to make a statement during handshakes and confidently stand out in moments of silence, reflecting their unique taste and leaving a lasting impression on others.


The NAVIFORCE Design Team stands at the intersection of humanities, art, and user experience, keeping up with the latest trends and integrating innovative features, transforming various elements into the spirit of product design. The watch series offers a wide range of styles, materials, and functions, each product possessing its own unique charm.


Unique designs and affordable prices have propelled NAVIFORCE to soar in popularity across major countries and regions worldwide, including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, and Africa. It has been honored as one of the "Top 10 AliExpress Brands for Global Expansion in 2017-2018" and has achieved double first in sales in the watch category during the "AliExpress Double 11 Global Shopping Festival" for two consecutive years.

Independent Manufacturing of Watches: Efficient Management, Quality Assurance, Cost Reduction

NAVIFORCE has its own manufacturing factory, employing advanced production techniques and equipment to improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs. From material selection, production, assembly to shipment, involving nearly 30 processes, every step is strictly controlled. Close management of the production process minimizes waste and defect rates, improves quality, and ensures that every watch delivered to customers is a qualified and high-quality timepiece. The well-organized production workshop spanning over 3,000 square meters provides professional technical support for product quality and on-time delivery.


In addition, NAVIFORCE has established a comprehensive and efficient supply chain management system. By optimizing the supply chain and collaborating closely with reliable suppliers, we obtain high-quality materials and components at competitive prices through economies of scale. This allows us to offer affordable products without compromising on quality and pass on the advantage of excellent value for money to wholesalers. We aim to ensure that the prices offered by wholesalers are in line with or have a competitive edge over the market prices, allowing them to maintain profit margins in their sales.


NAVIFORCE believes that the best after-sales service is no need for after-sales service. By maintaining in-house manufacturing capabilities, focusing on design and innovation, optimizing the supply chain, adopting a direct sales model, and leveraging economies of scale, NAVIFORCE achieves a balance between price and quality. This enables us to establish long-term and stable partnerships with wholesalers from various countries at competitive prices.

Post time: Sep-20-2023

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