NAVIFORCE Watches 2023 Annual Bestsellers TOP 10

This is a list of the NAVIFORCE 2023 TOP 10 best-selling watches. We have comprehensively summarized the sales data of NAVIFORCE from around the world over the past year and selected the top 10 watches that have been the most popular and best-selling in 2023 for you. Whether you are a watch enthusiast or a watch retailer, we hope this article will help you gain a deeper understanding of the trends in watches and choose outstanding watch products. In the new year, we look forward to sharing more exciting moments with you.

TOP1:Sport Digital Analog Men Watch-NF9163 G/G

The NF9163, released in 2019, features a striking fashion military sports style. The entire timepiece adopts a gold color scheme, presenting a commanding yet luxurious look. With a dial diameter of 43.5mm, it is well-suited for consumers who appreciate larger watch faces. After four years of market testing, it has consistently maintained leading sales, establishing itself as a classic and beloved model within the Naviforce brand, standing the test of time.



 Multifunctional Dual Display Design: The NF9163 introduces an innovative multifunctional dual display design, integrating countdown, stopwatch timing, alarm, and dual-time zone features, providing wearers with a diverse range of practical functionalities.

Japanese Imported Movement: The high-performance Japanese quartz movement ensures precise timekeeping, providing users with reliable timekeeping services and showcasing Naviforce's dedication to quality.

Luxurious Gold Elements: Drawing inspiration from gold elements, the watch injects a sense of luxury, making NF9163 not just a timekeeping tool but also a fashionable display of taste.

Nighttime Reading: Featuring a full backlight display and large dial luminous hands design, the watch remains easily readable at night, offering wearers around-the-clock time information.

High-Quality Build: With a high-hardness mineral crystal, it effectively resists scratches, maintaining clarity. The 3ATM waterproof design allows the watch to handle splashes of water in daily life, while the stainless steel strap ensures durability and wear resistance.

Versatile Fashion: Whether for business casual or outdoor activities, NF9163 exudes versatile fashion qualities, making it the preferred stylish accessory for different occasio.



Movement: Quartz Analog + LCD Digital

Material: Zinc Alloy Case & Hardened Mineral Glass & Stainless Steel Watch Strap

Case Diameter:43.5mm

Net weight:170g


TOP2:Men's Sport Outdoor Watches -NF9197L S/GN/GN

Over 2 years since the release of NF9197L, this sports watch inspired by outdoor camping continues to captivate outdoor enthusiasts with its rich functionality and convenient design. Widely acclaimed since its launch, the watch has received positive reviews from consumers in regions spanning the Middle East, Southeast Asia, to South America. Dealers from almost every country continue to replenish their stock of this watch, making it truly deserving of its status as one of Naviforce's star products.


Multi-functional Three-eye Dial: The eye-catching dial displays time, day of the week, and date, providing users with comprehensive and practical information.

Japanese Imported Movement: Equipped with high-quality movement and original batteries, ensuring accurate and durable timekeeping.

Comfortable Wear with Genuine Leather Strap: Designed with a focus on a comfortable wearing experience, the genuine leather strap is soft and adaptable to various environments.

Strong Luminous Hands: Luminous design ensures clear visibility in low-light conditions.

3ATM Waterproof: Conforming to the 3ATM waterproof standard, effectively protecting against splashes, rain, and handwashing.

Scratch-resistant and Durable Material: The surface is made of scratch-resistant and durable material, maintaining an exquisite appearance.

User-friendly Design: Includes convenient adjustment buttons and easy-to-read markings, making it an all-weather companion.



Movement: Quartz Analog + LCD Digital

Material: Zinc Alloy & Hardened Mineral Glass & Genuine Leather

Case Diameter:46mm

Net weight:101g

TOP3:Digital LED Waterproof Quartz Wristwatch-NF9171 S/BE/BE


NF9171 is another original design by NAVIFORCE, drawing inspiration from racing. Its surface features two symmetrical irregular windows, simulating the waving of a checkered flag. This design not only highlights the watch's uniqueness but also emphasizes its outstanding performance in functionality and practicality. Whether paired with casual or business attire, this watch can perfectly showcase individuality, becoming a symbol of fashion taste.


Woven Texture Dial: The watch adopts a unique woven texture dial design, not only possessing a sense of fashion but also adding a unique artistic atmosphere to the watch, making it a standout choice on the wrist.

Multi-function Dual Display Movement: Equipped with a multi-function dual display movement, the watch is endowed with more practical functions, including countdown, stopwatch, alarm, and dual-time display, meeting diverse usage needs.

Two-tone Color Matching: The watch cleverly employs a two-tone color matching design, whether it's the indices or the strap, showcasing a fashionable and unique trendy feel, making your outfit more eye-catching.

LED Luminous Display: The watch is equipped with an LED luminous display, providing a clear time display not only at night but also adding a touch of color to the overall design.

3ATM Waterproof: Comprehensive design, including 3ATM waterproof technology, makes the watch more durable in daily life, resistant to splashes and rain, and suitable for various daily scenarios.

Strap Material: High-quality adjustable stainless steel strap with a folding clasp, not only stylish and practical but also secure and reliable, ensuring the stability and comfort of the watch during wear.



Movement:Quartz Analog + LCD Digital

Material: Zinc Alloy Case & Hardened Mineral Glass & Stainless Steel Watch Strap

Case Diameter:Φ 45mm

Net weight:187g

TOP4: Retro Trend Men's Watch - NF9208 B/B/D.BN

NF9208  incorporates the colors of nature into its watch design, making it a fashionable, practical, and retro timepiece. It is perfect for trendy men who want to showcase their personality charm at parties. Wearing it allows you to feel the strong retro atmosphere in the melody of time. This watch is also one of the representative works of NAVIFORCE dual-display watches.


Eye-Catching Large Function Window Design: The watch features a distinctive large function window design on the dial, grabbing attention. It includes week, date, and time display functions, allowing you to grasp the rhythm of the party at any time.

Deep Brown Retro Vibes: Set against a backdrop of retro jazz, the watch adopts deep brown tones, showcasing a unique retro charm that instantly immerses you in a vintage atmosphere.

30 Meters Water Resistance: The watch boasts a water resistance of 30 meters, capable of resisting splashes and brief immersion in water. However, please note that it is not suitable for hot baths and saunas. A special reminder: do not operate the watch buttons underwater.

Geometric Bezel Design: The bezel adopts a geometric shape, complemented by six powerful screws, creating a strong visual impact that highlights your bold charm.

Soft and Breathable Genuine Leather Strap: Featuring a perforated design, the soft genuine leather strap, paired with a convenient adjustable buckle, ensures easy wearing and provides a comfortable wearing experience.

Luminous Coating: All hands and time markers are coated with a luminous coating, ensuring clear time reading in the dark and keeping you passionate during lively parties.



Movement: Quartz Analog + LCD Digital

Material: Zinc Alloy & Hardened Mineral Glass & Genuine Leather

Case Diameter:Φ 45mm

Net weight:95.5g

TOP5: Fashionable Sports Watch - NF9202L B/GN/GN

NF9202L is a quartz sports-style wristwatch that appeals to the student community. The dial features bold "sport watch" English letters, expressing its athletic nature. The black dial paired with a dark green leather strap is simple yet design-conscious. It goes perfectly with jeans, T-shirts, or sportswear. Since its debut, it has garnered consumer admiration and is a style frequently reordered by dealers.


Sporty Emblem: "SPORTS WATCH": The prominent "SPORTS WATCH" emblem signifies its athletic nature. The lively countdown numerals break through the conventional texture, allowing your positive temperament to stand out and directly showcasing passion.

Matte Case and Dynamic Lines: The matte case and neat lines showcase a sporty tension, setting the tone for dynamism. The interesting tire-shaped bezel adds a playful touch. The novel design carries a candid attitude, releasing a feeling of youthfulness and freedom.

Precision with Japanese Movement: The Japanese movement ensures precise timekeeping. The metal buckle, paired with a solid color leather strap, cleverly combines to evoke a bolder and livelier sense of youthfulness. The soft leather strap conforms to the wrist, ensuring comfort during your playful moments.

3ATM Water Resistance and Durable Glass: With 3ATM water resistance, it withstands daily situations like rain and handwashing. The scratch-resistant reinforced mineral glass ensures clarity and durability on the surface.



Movement: Quartz Standard

Material: Zinc Alloy & Hardened Mineral Glass & PU Band

Case Diameter:Φ 46mm

Net weight:81.7

TOP6: Fashionably Minimalistic Watch - NF8023 S/BE/BE

NF8023, almost launched simultaneously with 9202L, is a simple yet stylish timepiece. Embraced for its minimalist design, fashionable elements, precise timekeeping, and comfortable wear, this watch draws admiration. Inspired by off-road elements, the 45mm wheel-shaped large case injects robust vitality into the wrist, providing wearers with a sense of strength.


Bold Metal Case Design: Wild and intense vitality converge on the 45mm large case. The dial presents intersecting lines, as if navigating rugged terrains, and the three-dimensional studs convey a resolute attitude.

Simplistic Deep Blue: Featuring a clean yet deep blue dial, it exudes an atmosphere of elegance and fashion coexistence.

Premium Materials: The strap is crafted from soft and breathable silicone, ensuring durability and comfort over extended use. The hardened mineral glass covers the case, enhancing shatter resistance and providing superior scratch resistance.

Waterproof Performance: With a daily life waterproof rating of 30ATM, it can resist sweat, accidental rain, or splashes. Please note that it's not suitable for activities like bathing, swimming, or diving.

Luminous Function: The luminous design visible in the dark ensures easy time reading at any hour.



Movement: Quartz Standard

Material: Zinc Alloy & Hardened Mineral Glass & PU leather

Case Diameter:Φ 45mm

Net weight:75.7g


TOP7: Modern Fashion Classic - NF9218 S/B

NF9218 represents a bold exploration of NAVIFORCE's original design. Unlike its military-themed predecessors, this watch stands as a luxurious timepiece perfect for formal occasions and grand gatherings. Showcasing the fusion of minimalism and practicality, it emanates understated charm with a unique allure that effortlessly adapts to diverse settings. As a result, it has claimed a significant position in the 2023 watch market, emerging as a distinctive choice of the year and offering a fresh visual experience.


Unique Design: The dial features a distinctive radiating pattern, offering a modern aesthetic, complemented by claw-shaped lugs injecting a bold style, subtly blending toughness with individuality.

Exceptional Quality: Crafted with high-hardness mineral glass (scratch-resistant), alloy case, stainless steel lugs, and a stainless steel case back, it possesses pressure resistance and durability, ensuring accurate timekeeping and prolonged use.

Waterproof Performance: With a daily 30-meter water-resistant rating, it suits everyday scenarios such as handwashing, rainy days, splashes, or brief immersion, guaranteeing the watch's normal operation in various environments.

Fashionable Classic Appearance: The carefully designed 45mm large diameter exudes a modern and fashionable vibe, incorporating classic elements to showcase a sense of style.

LCD Numeric Display: Equipped with an LCD numeric display, it provides additional practical functions and information, making the watch not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional.



Movement: Quartz Standard

Material: Zinc Alloy & Hardened Mineral Glass & Stainless Steel Band

Case Diameter:Φ 45mm

Net weight:171g

TOP8: Avant-Garde Fashion Watch - NF9216T S/B/B

The NF9216T boasts a one-of-a-kind metal geometric case and a vibrant "big eyes" dial, igniting sensory allure. Its style is captivating and commanding, evoking a domineering presence. With stellar design and cutting-edge materials, it stands out as a trailblazer among avant-garde fashion watches, accentuating the wearer's boldness and vigor, and setting a dynamic trend.


Unconventional Polyhedral Bezel Design: The geometrically shaped bezel exudes sharpness and personality, adorned with bold screws and brushed textures, adding a rugged aura to the entire look.

Fashionable Multilayered Dial Design: The dynamic dual-display dial, combined with three-dimensional stud indices, creates a visually layered space. Paired with the eye-catching metallic "big eyes" design, it enhances the watch's trendy attributes.

TPU Strap: Crafted from TPU material, the strap is flexible, durable, and breathable, making it suitable for various everyday casual and outdoor activities.

Dynamic Dual Display: Equipped with quartz simulation and LCD digital dual displays, encompassing features like date and week indicators, ensuring you stay in top-notch condition at all times.

SBB3 (1)


Movement: Quartz Analog + LCD Digital

Material: Zinc Alloy & Hardened Mineral Glass & TPU Band

Case Diameter:Φ 45mm

Net weight:107g

TOP9: Street Style Trend Watch-NF8034 B/B/B


One notable feature of NF8034 is that it's a watch with a texture that surpasses the images. The multi-layered design on the dial adds a sense of spatial depth, with accessories layered and complemented by surface scales and stud designs, creating a striking tactile experience. Coupled with the radiating brushed texture on the bezel, the entire watch delivers a powerful visual impact. Introduced just a few months ago in 2023, it quickly made its way onto the annual top 10 sales list, showcasing its significant market presence.


Highly Stylish Multi-layered Dial: The multi-layered three-dimensional surface design provides a visually striking experience, coupled with contrasting hollowed-out indices, adding a touch of trendy vitality and showcasing unique style charm.

Cool All-Black Look: The classic black color exudes an understated yet distinctive personality, revealing a unique sense of trendy charm.

Playful Three Small Sub-dials: Adding a touch of contemporary vitality, combined with contrasting hollowed-out indices, creates a unique sense of depth, making the overall design richer and more interesting.

Aerogel Silicone Strap: Utilizing a more durable silicone strap, it offers lightweight and comfortable wear, resistant to breakage, ensuring a reliable companion for your outdoor activities.

3ATM Waterproof: Meeting the waterproof needs of daily life, allowing you to wear it confidently in various situations.

Luminous Design: Fear no darkness; ensures clear time reading even in the nighttime.



Movement: Quartz Chronograph

Material: Zinc Alloy & Hardened Mineral Glass & Fumed Silica Band

Case Diameter:Φ 46mm

Net weight:100g


TOP10: Racing passion watch-NF8036 B/GN/GN


NF8036 is also a new model to be launched in 2023. The surface design of this watch is the classic NAVIFORCE style. The unique design concept and racing elements integrate speed and passion into the wrist, making it a leader among racing passion watches, providing an exciting choice for racing enthusiasts and sports style enthusiasts.


Rugged Bezel Design: The unstoppable presence of the NF8036 is accentuated by its robust bezel, featuring a brushed metal finish that interprets the essence of extreme speed. The sturdy rivets add an extra touch, releasing an aura of unbridled tension.

Dynamic Dial: Embracing its racing nature, the deconstructed three-eye chronograph dial carries the genetic code of speed. It mirrors the aesthetics of a car's caliper, exuding an inner atmosphere of dynamism. The overall design vividly showcases speed and passion.

Luminescent Design: In darkness, the luminescent hands ensure clear visibility, allowing you to effortlessly read the time at any moment. Whether in broad daylight or the cover of night, NF8036 remains a reliable companion.

Waterproof Performance: Equipped with a 3ATM waterproof function, it can withstand splashes and rain, ensuring the watch's reliability in various environments during daily life.

Wear-Resistant Features: The strap, crafted from high-quality TPU material, offers both comfort and durability. Its outstanding emerald green color not only enhances aesthetics but also makes a bold statement, ensuring that NF8036 stands out effortlessly.



Movement: Quartz Chronograph

Material: Zinc Alloy & Hardened Mineral Glass & Fumed Silica Band

Case Diameter:Φ 46mm

Net weight:98g


Thank you for your attention to our annual watch series. In this series of watches, we have brought together fashion design, innovative features, and unique styles to provide you with a diverse range of choices, catering to the needs of different customers.

From retro classics to modern trends, each watch is a unique work of art, capturing the perfect blend of time and personality. Whether in the passionate streets, thrilling racing moments, or daily life, these watches have become the epitome of both fashion and practicality.

We look forward to establishing a partnership with you and offering your customers unique and high-quality watch selections. If you have any further needs or questions, please feel free to contact us. Wishing us a successful collaboration in the coming year!


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