Radiant Revolution: NAVIFORCE Unveils Women’s 40mm Dial Watch

Naviforce explores the definition of oversized women's watches, analyzes trends in ladies' watch fashion, and introduces the 40mm dial women's wristwatch.

The concept of distinguishing watches based on "men's" and "women's" is becoming almost obsolete. It is now quite common for women to wear oversized watches, and many female consumers of NAVIFORCE watches continuously suggest that we either scale down men's watches by a few millimeters or eliminate the differentiation between men's and women's watches based on dial size. Not to mention that many top female celebrities and social media influencers (if there are examples, even better) often wear officially designated men's watches. Undoubtedly, the trend of wearing larger-sized watches has risen among women.

So, why are women now inclined to choose larger-sized watches, blurring the boundaries of product gender definitions?

What hidden meanings does watch size carry, and what qualifies as an oversized watch?

Typically, the appearance of a watch is proportional to the wearer's wrist size, reflecting the personality the wearer wishes to showcase. For a period, watches below 30mm were mainstream in women's watch design, emphasizing delicacy and elegance, considered to better represent the gentleness and gracefulness of women. In recent years, the average size of women's watches has increased to between 32mm and 38mm. Watches within this size range still mainly highlight traditionally defined feminine qualities while aligning more with the modern fashion taste of women.

Based on feedback received by NAVIFORCE, many women are opting for watches with a diameter of 40mm or even exceeding 40mm. Generally, diameters above 40mm are considered larger watches, and sports watches with multifunctional designs are becoming increasingly popular in the women's watch market. So, what are the reasons behind this trend?

Why are oversized watches favored by women?

On one hand, larger dials often provide more space to showcase intricate art and design, thereby expressing the wearer's independence and confidence. On the other hand, larger dials usually come with more functions, including date displays, timers, alarms, etc., making them easier to read. This is an important consideration for those who prioritize the functionality of the watch.

The origins of both these main reasons can be traced back to the rise of the "gender-neutral" concept in recent years. More women are rejecting traditional feminine traits and impractical designs, choosing to go beyond the fashion norms imposed by traditional gender roles. They focus more on the functionality of the watch and their taste preferences. This trend also reflects a broader awareness of eliminating gender stereotypes, breaking gender norms, promoting gender equality, and respecting diverse gender identities. It signifies a more extensive recognition of individual rights and respect for diversity.

NAVIFORCE Introduces Original Design 40mm Dial Women's Watch

Adapting to market trends and meeting customer demands has always been the mission of NAVIFORCE. After careful consideration, we are launching the NF5040, a women's watch with a 40mm dial.

This watch boasts a striking design that catches the eye, showcasing a confident, bold, and distinctly fashionable attitude.

At the same time, it provides more room for creative styling.

Innovative Glass Bezel Design

Breaking through innovation, the glass material bezel showcases craftsmanship and aesthetic beauty.

In addition to the 40mm large dial, the new NF5040 model interprets innovation in materials. The bezel adopts high-definition and transparent glass material, providing a clearer and more transparent visual experience. Through cutting-edge craftsmanship, it reflects unique artistic beauty, emitting a captivating luster reminiscent of precious gemstones.

NF5040 excels in both appearance and functionality, highlighting the beauty of details with its unique original design style.

Imported Quartz Movement, Exquisite and Unrestrained

Beneath its grand appearance lies an imported quartz movement, providing NF5040 with exquisite and unrestrained precision.

This intricately designed mechanism ensures not only the accuracy of timekeeping but also contributes to the overall lifespan of the watch.

Every aspect embraces a seamless fusion of style and functionality.

3ATM Waterproof: Ready for Any Adventure

Designed for the adventurous spirit, NF5040 comes equipped with 3ATM waterproof functionality. Whether you're caught in the rain or ready for some playful activities, this watch is up for any adventure, seamlessly blending fashion with resilience.

NAVIFORCE NF5040 transcends the realm of a mere timekeeping device. It attests to your style, maturity, and ability to fit any occasion. This 40mm masterpiece combines aesthetics and functionality perfectly, enhancing your watch game experience. Learn more about NF5040 and explore the world of NAVIFORCE—where style knows no boundaries.

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Post time: Dec-18-2023