How to Choose a Custom Watch Supplier?

If you own a business and find yourself in any of the following situations, partnering with an OEM manufacturer is essential:

1. Product Development and Innovation: You have new product ideas or designs but lack the production capabilities or equipment.

2. Production Capacity: Your business is growing rapidly, but your own production capacity cannot meet the demand.

3. Cost Control: You want to control costs or reduce risks by sharing production facilities, technology, and resources.

4. Quick Time-to-Market: You need to quickly bring products to the market, reducing the development and production cycle.

So, why can OEM manufacturers help you solve these problems, and how do they do it?

Why Partner with OEM Manufacturers? / Benefits of Collaborating with Custom Watch Manufacturers

For purchasers establishing new watch brands, setting up their own manufacturing facility often requires a significant investment of capital and operational costs. This means that purchasers would have to assume more risks and responsibilities. Therefore, partnering with a watch OEM manufacturer can provide a more stable business.

OEM manufacturers not only share risks with purchasers but, more importantly, they offer years of watchmaking experience and expertise. These hidden advantages include flexible customization, specialized production, abundant production capacity, timely delivery capabilities, and accumulated integrated resources. So, what benefits can these advantages bring to purchasers?


Benefit 1:

Competitive Prices: OEM manufacturers with over 10 years of watch production experience have stable and reliable supply chain networks and resource integration capabilities. They typically establish cooperative relationships with multiple suppliers, providing a variety of material and component options. Additionally, due to economies of scale, manufacturers can procure raw materials at significantly lower prices, allowing them to offer high-quality products at competitive prices and meet the profit requirements of customers.


Benefit 2:

On-Time Delivery and Excellent After-Sales Service: Manufacturers specializing in watch production can flexibly meet customer requirements in terms of design and specifications. During the customization process, close collaboration ensures that every aspect from design to production meets expectations. Moreover, the original manufacturers can provide reliable after-sales services for the products they produce, ensuring that purchasers are not troubled by part defects.

In summary, outsourcing production can help you ensure a stable supply while allowing you to invest more time, effort, and resources in market development, which is more conducive to expanding your business.

How to Find the Right Watch OEM Manufacturer?

Finding a suitable partner is a process that requires careful selection and a bit of luck. How did those companies that established long-term partnerships achieve cooperation? How did they know where to start and ensure that their choices were correct?

Firstly, you need to obtain basic information about potential suppliers. Market research and online searches are direct and quick methods. Additionally, consult industry peers or professionals for their recommendations and advice. Furthermore, valuable information about manufacturers can be obtained through online forums, social media, review websites, etc., to understand their reputation and customer feedback.

Next, you need to set selection criteria for potential partners based on the scale of your own business. If your business is just starting out, the minimum order quantity is an important cooperation threshold, making smaller manufacturers with lower order requirements more suitable for you. If your business is in a growth stage or has reached a certain scale, according to the 4Ps theory in marketing, product and price considerations become the focus, requiring contact with different suppliers and patient comparisons.


Lastly, it should be mentioned that cooperation depends on the efforts of both parties. If you have narrowed down the selection to a few suppliers who can provide similar quality and prices, personally visiting the manufacturers is an ideal choice. During this process, you can directly assess whether the partners align with your goals and values, respect cultural differences, possess sufficient resources and capabilities to deliver goods on time, and have professional after-sales services. Consider the sustainability and long-term cooperation potential of the partners.


What Can NAVIFORCE Offer You?【Internal Link to Article】
Ensuring quality, quantity, and on-time delivery are essential capabilities of an OEM supplier. NAVIFORCE has a well-established and efficient supply chain management system and a well-organized production process, enabling us to deliver products promptly.


Responsible pre-sales and after-sales services are the foundation of building long-term relationships. Our account managers act as bridges between both parties and extensions of your purchasing team. No matter what type of customized watch products you need, NAVIFORCE will provide you with professional service and care for your success. Contact us today for an effective investment of your time.


NAVIFORCE has its own manufacturing factory, employing advanced production techniques and equipment to improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs. From material selection, production, assembly to shipment, involving nearly 30 processes, every step is strictly controlled. Close management of the production process minimizes waste and defect rates, improves quality, and ensures that every watch delivered to customers is a qualified and high-quality timepiece.


Over 10 years of experience in custom watch production
Over 100 professional employees
Production workshop spanning over 3,000 square meters
Professional after-sales service

Professional technical support for product quality and on-time delivery.

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